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- An AMYA and SSMA Chartered Club -
There is something very majestic about sailboats.  They are beautiful works of art in many ways, yet in other ways they are the result of form-following-function.  Regardless of your viewpoint, R/C sailing is one of life's true pleasures.  Whether you are sailing in a compeitive regatta, or just enjoying your model on the water as it rides forward using only the energy of wind to propel it, operating a well tuned sailboat will make you smile.

The Indianapolis Admirals have a long standing tradition of radio control sailing.  Most of our members own at least one sailboat, many own several.  At this time, we hold regularly scheduled regattas (typically once per month) at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana.  Our sailing skippers also have monthly "Test & Tune" days where they can practice together and run all types of sailboats.  Our two classes at this time are DragonForce 65 and the DragonFlite 95.  You can find more information on these two classes by visiting a regatta or via the AMYA link, below right.  
Here's our IOM skippers at the first regatta of 2015!  Chuck, Brian, Pete, Gene and Steve.
Scott's Victor V-32 enjoying a sunny afternoon on Avon Town Park Lake in Avon, Indiana.
Longtime sailor Gene W. recently brought this beauty to an Admirals club meeting.  The model is a "Temptation" and was designed by Wick Smith.  Makes you want to get into R/C sailing huh!
Pete is out in front of Gene in this heat race of V-32's.  Photo taken at our new sailing venue for 2015, Westfield's Grand Park!
An impressive group of IOM's!
Two Victor V-32's heading neck and neck to the mark!
Steve is new to RC sailing, but not RC racing.  This was the first day for his new IOM.  She's a beauty Steve!
A group of IOM's position themselves to catch a "puff" of air.  Not a good day for sailing, but it sure made for a nice photograph!
Preparing for an Admirals regatta, means you need to bring a few things with you!  Don't forget the transmitter!
An outstanding IOM sailboat owned by member Brian B.  This highly competitive sailboat called the "Fraktal" represents the state-of-the-art in IOM's.  It comes from a company called Sails, etc.
Pete is one of our avid sailors.  Here he is pulling his one meter sailboat out for a little tweeking before the regatta.
Member Joe G. has been running his V-32 for several years.  We have a lot of club members who own Victor V-32's.  The sails and hulls come in many colors.
The one meters underway!  This photo was taken at our 75th and Shadeland location.  Bayview Lake is where we often run fast electric as well.
Chris out running his Victor V-32 solo.  Sometimes this is a good thing to do to tune your boat.  Other times, its just a great way to relax!
Not all of our sailboats are competition based.  This sailing Dinghy was scratch built by Admirals member Scott.  Kermit is at the tiller arm and his arm actually looks like it moves the rudder!  Whimsical and fun for all ages.
Beautiful shot of two Victor V-32 sailboats.  The V-32 is the Indy Admirals One Design class.
A custom made V-32 sailboat that we presented to the Town of Avon in conjunction with Sebree Architects of Avon.  It resides in their Town Council chambers now!
The 2014 Spring Fling getting underway!
Pete's One Meter Beauty!
One of our favorite sailing photos.  Young Kyle at his first sailing regatta.  Victor V-32 R/C sailboat.
Avon Town Hall Park Lake in Avon, Indiana is a beautiful place to sail.
The 2014 Spring Fling was fun, but we almost had too much wind!
Our three most dedicated sailors.  Brian, Gene and Pete.  They sail almost every Saturday and always in the official Tug Wilson regattas.
Gene keeping an eye on his IOM.
The Spring Fling was just a fun run, no official competition, but the high winds challenged the sailors who participated.
Brian's purple One Meter.  Super high-tech and quite a machine to enjoy.  Brian loves it!
Now here's some racing machinery!  These IOM's are state-of-the-art and amazingly fast!
Gene's black beauty One Meter.  Beautiful paint...Wow!
Taken during one of our Spring Fling annual events at Avon Town Hall Park Lake in Avon, Indiana.  Beautiful 9-acre lake.
This was another windy regatta!  This one located at the Village of West Clay in Carmel, Indiana.
Out sailing solo, Scott's orange V-32, "Sunkist" on Avon Town Hall Lake on a spring day.  Very relaxing to sail like this just for fun.
Our May regatta offered really nice winds, but it was near record COLD for May!  Here's our V-32's getting ready for a race.  Note the "Pace Duck" in the foreground!
Cold sailors!  No, its not November, its May!  Crazy.  Pictured are Gene, Brian, Dick & Scott in this "selfie" photo.
Gene's newly built Victor V-32.  He did everything he could to make this a clean, excellent operating sailboat.  And, it was fast!  You can find V-32's at
Another May regatta photo.  A gaggle of V-32's.
Sailor and former Indy Admirals Club President, Gene.  He's holding his IOM sailboat.  V-32 next to him for size comparison.  A great sailor and a great guy.
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