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Panoramic shot of the Veterans Memorial Reflecting Pool at 800 3rd Ave SW - Carmel, IN 46032. A great place to run!
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- An AMYA and SSMA Chartered Club -
The Indy Admirals are best known as scale modelers.  Within our club, you will find passionate builders and designers who have been enjoying this wonderful hobby for many years.  You will also find those who wish to improve their building skills.  There are others who enjoy working on a single model for many hours adding detail beyond belief and researching their ship's background in detail.  Whatever your interest level or approach, we welcome you to our club!

Throughout the year, we hold scale regattas both indoors and outdoors where you can run your models and enjoy seeing your creation on the water!  We also feature a regular "show and tell" period in each Admirals monthly meeting where you can tell us about your project.  Don't wait until your model is complete to bring it to a meeting.  We love to see models under construction!
Founding member Dave Hampton always brings the most amazing creations to our events.  Dave creates boats that ought to exist using parts and pieces he finds in many places.
The Carmel Indiana Reflecting Pond is one of our favorite venues.  Great place to try out a new boat and be in protected waters.  Lost parts can be seen and found as well.
Midwest Boothbay Lobsterboat built by member Scott Black.  This model is now 25 years old and has been on many lakes, ponds and pools.
At the Carmel Reflecting Pond, there is room galore for pop-ups and tables for setting up.  The City of Carmel welcomes the Admirals and appreciates our club for always keeping the venue clean and pristine.
Beautiful "Brooks" by John Louk.  John took some great realistic photos of this model as well.  Even more "reality" was added using special photo retouching methods.
Modeler and photographer, John Louk with his Brooks.  Very well done John!
Great photo by John Louk of a Midwest Liberty Tug built by member Scott Black.  Our club uses Liberty Tugs for our club boats for public events too.  The model is actually about 30" long.
Here are the club owned Liberty Tugs.  Thank you to Midwest Models and Hobbytown USA for providing these to us.  Great way to promote the hobby!  John Louk photo.
This beautiful sailing schooner was brought to one of our sailing regattas.  Photo by Scott Black
Many enjoy building classic wooden boats to zoom around.  Chris Crafts and Garwood type boats are really a sight to see.
Not all scale boats are slow!  This shovel nose hydro is flat gettin' it on the water!
The Midwest Cranberry Isle Lobsterboat.  Now a discontinued Midwest kit, but you can still find them occasionally on ebay.
Submarine photo by John Louk.
Another one of John Louk's wonderful photos.  Is this a real submarine, or just a radio control model?
The "Nautilus" from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fame.  This John Louk photo was taken at the annual SubRegatta held in Carmel at the Reflecting Pond.
Great looking scale warship. Nice model and photo.  Photo by John Louk.
There are so many different types of scale boats in our club, and in our workshops!
John Louk photo.
Gene presents Scott with a nice plaque during one of our Scale Fun Run events.  Lots of fun for all.
Ray and Danny get ready for some fun on the water!
Another great John Louk photo.
Scott Black photo of two of his models at an Admirals regatta.
One of our favorite photos.  Chris spending time with a youngster to let him have some running time.  We have a whole new generation to introduce to modeling.
This skipper is negotiating some buoys at one of the Admirals scale regattas.
Dave and Pete checking out a really nice scale ship.
The Admirals meetings are a great place to bring your completed boats and also boats you are working on.  Our members love to see them under construction too.  Very inspiring!
One of the Dumas line of Chris Craft boats.  This one is the Cobra.  Very rare in real life.
Gene and Brian working on Gene's massive cruiser at an indoor fun run at Plainfield's Splash Island Indoor Water Park.
John Louk photo of one of Mike's exquisite scale cabin cruisers.  Outstanding!
Same model in dry dock at the Indiana State Museum show a few years ago.
When we have the opportunity to put our models on display, we do it!  This photo was taken at the Indiana State Museum.  Guests were treated to a chance to see our ships up close and talk to their builders.
Another photo from the Indiana State Museum.  Massive aircraft carrier.  Large even as a model!
Another photo from the Indiana State Museum display opportunity.  The craftsmanship in this model is very apparent.
One of the best parts of belonging to the Admirals is being with like-minded people who love to talk about their models and other nautical topics.
Each year, the Admirals travel to different locations around central Indiana.  This photo was taken at a fall scale regatta at the beautiful 9 acre lake behind Avon Town Hall.
We have a club picnic each summer where we run our models and eat like Kings and Queens!
Our Annual Christmas party is also a great time.  Loads of food, camraderie and model boats to boot.  Being a member of the Indianapolis Admirals RC Model Boat Club is a special thing.
Another one of a kind model boat built by Dave Hampton for Kyle Black.  The "Blackhawk" is a one man attack watercraft able to maneuver and speed towards or away from enemies!
Two Dave's at the Indiana Burn Camp for Children event in Lafayette, Indiana.  Our club loves to spend time with the public, especially youth.
Whenever we have the chance to display and promote our club and hobby, we do it!  This photo was taken at the Indianapolis Boat Sport & Travel Show.  Many members brought different types of models to show.  Brian loved it!
A little Indy Admirals photo humor...

Right, very little.
This is what its all about.  This photo was taken at the Plainfield Indoor Splash Island Water Park.  Look at the wonder in his eyes!
Member Scott Black's "Wendigo" scuba diving tours boat.  Scratch built from Pat Trittle plans.  To give you an idea of scale, the yellow scuba tanks are actually the ends of Sharpie markers!
Young skippers running Admirals club tugs at the DNR "Cement Pond" at the Indiana State Fair.  This is another annual event members look forward to in August.
Typical meeting night for the Indy Admirals.  Gene Wisner was our President at the time.  A good turnout of models is pretty typical.
Certainly a happy crew!  Here are a few of our members at the Plainfield Indoor Aquatic Center.  Its the middle of winter, cold as can be, and we are running R/C boats!
Yes, even Theodore Tugboat comes to the Admirals regattas!  This model boat came from St. Louis just to join us that day.
Gene and Mike putting in one of Mike's beautiful ship models.
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