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The Hughey Fast Electric Racing Series is our way to enjoy fast electric RC boat racing. The series is named after Dee and Ed Hughey. Both were members of the Admirals for many years and contributed greatly to the RC boat racing community. Some people just like to go fast on the water... Ed and Dee certainly made that happen!

The world of fast electric R/C boats is one of the biggest growth areas in the radio control industry.  The reason is high tech motors and batteries!  The new brushless motors and heavy duty speed controls, combined with lithium-polymer batteries, make electric boats fast, dependable and long lasting!  Many modelers would argue that fast electric is even better and faster on a power-to-weight ratio than nitro (glow) powered boats!

We have scheduled races and casual get-togethers where we set out marker buoys and enjoy running a full course.  There are several classes available.  Some are based upon power set-ups while others are based on appearance and scale aesthetics.  Before you buy a boat, we strongly suggest talking to one of our experienced members or knowledgeable personnel at your local hobby shop.  Always try to buy "hobby grade" boats from a source that will support you with parts and knowledge.  The kinds of R/C boats you find at discount stores are usually "toy grade."  They are not very fast and usually cannot be repaired.  You will be disappointed.  Want to learn more about fast electric boats? Come to an Admirals meeting or Admirals fast electric event!
- An AMYA and SSMA Chartered Club -
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The Indy Admirals have a strong group of members who love to go FAST!  Some of these members also enjoy the slower scale boats too.  Its all good!
Great action shot!   Brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries get many of our fast electrics up to 40-50 mph!
Some of our "scale" boats are actually very fast boats.  This Impulse 26 was painted to match the real Lucas Oil offshore racing boat that hangs inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  John Louk photo.
Our normal venue to race fast electric is at 75th and Shadeland Avenue.  Just north of the intersection and behind Burger King.  Great open lake where the boats can reach their full speed!
Getting ready for an afternoon of fast electric racing!  Pro Boat Stiletto Outboard and an Aquacraft UL-1.
Current Admirals Commander Mike Yount's beautiful "Miss Madison" shovel nose hydro.  Rent the movie sometime if you can.  Great story behind this boat!
The Miss Madison at high speed doing everything she can to stay upright around a turn!  Power!
Rod Galloway brought this gorgeous shovel nose hydro to a recent Indy Admirals event.  Wow!
Scott brought several boats to a fast electric run.  But, each was for a specific class.  Might as well run as many classes as you can, if you can keep up with charging batteries!
Some great action on the UL-1's by Aquacraft.  These are fast boats stock from the hobby shop!  Kerry Yount photo.
If you are taking a lot of boats to the lake, you need a rig to haul them in.  This one was impressive!
Member Greg Volmer's scale hydro.  Fresh and new and ready to make some roost!
Yes, we've even raced indoors.  A little "contact" with the walls has happened, but most of the time they come back to the dock with no damage!
This is Mika's awesome outrigger at speed.  Outriggers are no-nonsense speed machines!
Hughey mono hull ripping the surface of a lake at an Indy Admirals event.
Kenny's scale hydro at speed!  What a great boat and a great photo too!
Another action shot during live racing!  Kerry Yount photo.
This is a Pro Boat "Miss GEICO" owned by member Scott Black. It is 1800 kv brushless and 29" long. Yes, fast! The real Miss GEICO is just as bright!
We run several classes during the fast electric races.  You are sure to find one you are interested in trying!
Great photo by John Louk of a shovel nose hydro up on two, sort of.
Dave Hampton's outstanding shovel nose hydro.  Runs great and looks great!
The Blackjack is a ready to run boat.  This particular model has been discontinued, but there is a new, faster version of the Blackjack out there now by Pro Boat.
A Ed Hughey boat at speed in an indoor high school swimming pool.  It only could stay at full speed for a second or two!
Rounding the mark, hulls pounding the water!
Parker's outboard is way fast!  Photo at speed!
Jeff working on his Aquacraft UL-1 getting ready for a heat race.  What a rocketship!
Great looking vee hull!
Our scale hydro class is exceptional.  Always gets your heart pounding to watch these vintage style water rockets!
Mike Yount out on retrieve at our 75th and Shadeland location.
More action on the lake at 75th and Shadeland (northwest corner) in Indianapolis.
Battle action!
Gettin' it down the straight!
Dave McCreary's new shovel nose.  Great looking model.  Lightweight and fast brushless power!
Outriggers have to be seen to be believed.  Wicked fast!
Great shot of Forrest's Hydro airborne!  Not much splash, so you know it was in the air a while!
Mike's Lucas Oil Catamaran is FAST!!!  And, Mike races the real thing too.
Forest is making some speed with his tunnel hull outboard.
Gary driving his Aquacraft Supervee 27R with 1800kv motor.  Stock, but really fast!
Greg V's beautiful scale shovel nose hydro at speed.
Mike S's tunnel hull.
Fantastic photo of Gary's orange Supervee 27R vaporizing around the corner.
Mike K's Lucas Oil catamaran is great to watch.  Super fast!
Owen is one of our up and comers.  Fast racer!
Owen's Revolt 30 is going airborne!
Great photo of Paul and David rounding the mark full steam!
Paul and Mika dueling with their Aquacraft UL-1's!  In a situation like this with matching colors, its hard not to drive the wrong boat!
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