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One of the best aspects of the Indianapolis Admirals is the amount of knowledge that is shared by members. Each of us are interested in our own particular types of models.  The unique knowledge required to build a scale ship or set up a nearly perfect set of sails on a sailboat takes years to learn on your own.  By belonging to a group of modelers who love to talk about and share their hobby, you learn faster.  Even our most seasoned members learn things from newer members as well.  You'll find much knowledge in the Ship's Log.

The Ship's Log has been our monthly newsletter for many years and we have collected recent issues for your reading pleasure below.  The Ship's Log was the mainstay communications method of our club before the Internet became commonplace.  Recently, John, our Newsletter Editor for eons, has stepped down.  He has done an exceptional job and we all know that a publication of this quality and content would have never happened without him at the helm. Thank you John for all of your great years of work, wisdom and wit!   
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